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I've ran into a tough spot. Around the first of the summer I won a scholarship that would cover this semester's tuition. As a result, I saved up only enough money to pay for this semester's books. So, on and on the lady keeps procrastinating claiming they hadn't got the checks in, etc. etc. and to go ahead and register for my classes and they would send them the check ASAP so I did, and alas, I was dropped from my classes. Not that big of a deal. If they send it in, I could easily go reregister or simply do it over the internet if the money was in my account. And here it is, one week until classes are going to start and they still hadn't received my check at school and after e-mailing her AGAIN she apologizes and tells me ther ewas a check error and she'll have the check to them ASAP after I've explained to her I was counting on this to be able to go to school this semester. So, I really doubt it will get there nearly in enough time for it to start. I feel confident I will get it sooner or later and maybe I can defer using it until next semester but that leaves me with wondering what to do for this one. I have absolutely no way to pay for this semester. I need to take at least 6 hours to defer my student loans. Such a headache. I can maybe come up with enough in the next week for those six hours but that will be cutting it close. Very close. If I can still get in the math class I need to begin with. Always something. I was really looking forward to the classes I was going to be taking.

Work gets more and more stressful. A new hire failed a state beer sting and I have no idea whether he'll be written up or fired. I'm really hoping just written up because we're already cutting it close with having enough people to close the store and it's impossible to find someone else apparently in our specific location.  Above that, I really like him. He's a hard worker and I'd be sad to lose him. More than anything, I'd like to be demoted to shift leader or even a cashier. I'd rather not be in management. I didn't really ever want to be involved in it but I was the only option and John was in a bind. It made things a lot easier for everyone but really, I make a whole quarter more than a regular cashier on night shift. It's not worth it.

My boyfriend's been in visiting this week from Morgantown. He should be getting his own car soon and we'll be able to see each other more often. I've gotten to spend a good deal of time with him and I'm really thankful for that. And we'll be getting to go to Aaron's 24th birthday together on Saturday. It seems surreal Aaron's turning 24. I remember his 16th birthday so clearly and wow, 8 years have gone so quickly. Timmy's been going to work with me. He helped me put up truck on Tuesday night, which I appreciated more than anything.  I'm really quite lucky.

other than that, nothing of merit.

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